Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Choosing A Maid Service

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  1. Consider whether the service is trustworthy. When you choose a maid company, you will leave your entire home in their hands to clean. So the big question is – Can I trust the maids who will come and clean my home in my absence? You can definitely get some references from your friends or family members who hired them before. They can let you know if they faced any sort of theft incidents or general damages to the house. And moreover, you can contact a local police department to know if the maids working with the company have clean criminal records. After all, it is a question of home safety and you need to take this seriously.
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    Shortlist a couple different companies. You can't always choose and take decision with one maid company. You need to shortlist a few of them who can provide you quality house cleaning service. Once you shortlist some providers, ask their representative to visit your home to inspect the area you want to get cleaned. This is very important to ask them to inspect and quote the cost accordingly. In many instances when this is not done by many home owners and this result in paying too much for services that were not done. Always confirm the cost the maid company will charge you for the particular rooms or baths. Cleaning cost matters largely on area of rooms and baths.
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    Take advantage of discounts. The maid service provider would offer for weekly or monthly housekeeping services you hire them for. Normally the cost of single cleaning will be higher than what you hire them for weekly and monthly cleaning. For follow up cleaning contracts, the cost will be low and always insist on this. But also to be kept in mind is don't get blown away by the discounts they offer. The best decision is when everything is balanced.
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    Consider the quality of the maid service. An important aspect of hiring a housekeeping services company is they clean your home the way it looks as if you bought a new home. The maid company must have an insured and bonded team of maids. They must be professionally trained and using new cleaning equipment so that cleaning done is up to mark and the way you wanted. Once you use these tips you will find a reliable and worthy maid company.

Will a Maid Service Benefit Me?

The answer is yes.  You can free up extra time to spend with your family by hiring a house cleaning service.  Cleaning tasks like washing toilets, cleaning floors, and vacuuming are extremely time consuming and can be easily avoided by using a maid service.  Keeping your home tidy can be your job, while keeping your house clean and sanitized is our job.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

How to Make a Decision on Getting a Maid Service for Your Home

read this article we found about deciding to get a house cleaning service:

Many homemakers would argue that a dark spill on a white carpet is one of the worst household catastrophes possible. Others disagree, stating that house cleaning the dust off oddly shaped trinkets is much more painstaking. Whatever bothers you most, if cleaning has become a chore, perhaps it's time to consider getting maid service in your home; this article will help you reach that decision.

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